It all started in Kalmar

A Swedish city so stony and harsh that its ancient name includes both "cairn” and “gravel islands".

Its inhabitants. Kalmariten. Harsh, resilient and stubborn.

True iron men. Since the beginning.

A perfect location for an unconventional company dedicated to make gear for frontrunners.

Welcome to our world!


About jaktkit

Since the start 2012 jaktkit has been fortunate to receive more praise and awards than most in the industry.

Knv knives, tactical flashlights L2 and a few other jaktkit products have all honourable earned their position in the absolute forefront.

For which we are truly humble and grateful.

We are allowed to disclose that Piketen, a special operation unit of the Swedish police, was among the first to test our Knv knives already in the prototype phase.

In 2016 Knife Knv2 received the highest test score among Swedish knives from reputable Dutch, in strong competition with quality knives from Fallkniven (A1, F1 & S1) and Morakniven (Pathfinder & Tactical SRT).

Hunting lamp L2 has been praised in test after test for its powerful light, both with regard to length and width of beam.

Here you find the right gear for your adventures, expeditions or missions whether you are a dedicated hunter, military or special police.

Every jaktkit product is tested to meet specific performance requirements. Small details that make products different from others.

We want every customer to be 100% with their jaktkit products and we take the full responsibility to make that happen.

Korvmakargränd 7
393 64 Kalmar

tel: +46 (0)480 211 05
e-post: was started by Magnus Collin. A hunting and outdoor enthusiast.  jaktkit was built with the firm belief that success comes from taking one small step after another, repeatedly, a little bit faster than everyone else.

En nöjd Magnus efter lyckad natt i skogen

A satisfied Magnus after a long night in the dark forest. The final 3 hours in pouring rain and a finishing crawl in the mud was all it took before the work was rewarded.