New ( VG10 ) VG-10 Cobalt steel knives

( VG10 ) VG-10 Cobalt steel is the now used in our newest knives.

Knv knives lanuches new knife in ( VG10 ) VG-10 Cobalt steel. Now used in jaktkits test winning Knv2 knives.

The VG-10 Cobalt steel is a capable blade steel with a great edge.

VG10 Knv2 knife

We are happy to announce that we now introduce our first knives in the capable (VG10) VG-10 Cobalt steel. These new knives will make a great entry level into our high quality knives. We feel confident that these new knives will be an interesting alternative for many dedicated outdoor people.

VG-10 Cobalt high perfermance Knv2 knife

"We are confident that our VG-10 Cobolt knives will be a very attractive offer for many hunters and dedicated outdoor enthusiasts, even if 99Cr18MoV continues to be the preferred choice among non-civilian market and knife connoisseurs where ultimate knife performance is the only priority."  - Magnus Collin, founder of jaktkit

jaktkit knife in VG-10 Cobalt steel