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Jaktkit Knv knives aren’t made to impress.

Aren't designed to please.

Instead. jaktkit knives have become favoured tools among truly distinguished people around the world.

You recognize them, they recognize you.

When you put your jaktkit knife in your belt you don't walk alone.

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  • $103.83 1-2 Business days

    Knife Knv2 - Best in Test! A knife perfected in every detail so that it will deliver its best performance in the most challenging situation. I proven test winner. Relied upon by hunters, military and police.

    1-2 Business days
  • $94.47 1-2 Business days

    Hunting Knife Knv3 - New generation A new generation hunting knife for professional users Originally created as the optimal all-round hunting knife. Hunting Knife Knv3 became much more than that. Get yours test winning Knv hunting knife today and experience the difference.

    1-2 Business days
  • $91.63 1-2 Business days

    Popular hunting knife in VG-10 Cobalt. This is the hunting knife that give you that extra edge performance when you really need it. Forged solid VG-10 Cobalt steel for extra performance. Buy your knv hunting knife now and feel the difference.

    1-2 Business days
  • $18.82 In Stock

    FYR Fire Steel & Kydex holder A powerful firesteel with Kydex holder that let you start fire quickly in all weather.FYR firesteel special designed create bigger sparks and make them land more accurately.

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  • $53.80 1-2 Business days

    Leather sheath Knv2 - A leather sheath packed with new unique features

    1-2 Business days
  • $122.83 Out of stock

    Knife Knv2 Mil Developed in cooperation with military and special units within the police. A distinct insignia among the selected few

    Out of stock
  • $37.73 Out of stock

    Kydex sheath for Fallkniven F1 - Kydex sheath that let you carry your Fallkniven F1 as you always wanted

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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items