99Cr18MoV steel

99Cr18MoV steel - A pleasing combination of hardness and toughness

Knv Knives have since introduction challenged conventional Swedish knife making in many ways, not only with the 99Cr18MoV steel.

A purely test driven development process has contributed to Knv knives'  characteristic combination of heavy-duty construction and nimble performance. The 99Cr18MoV steel has been a vital part in this process.

Knv knives' performance have made them relayed upon by dedicated hunters, and military personnel on challenging missions.

Knv knives in mission

Knv knives have been a continuous development project; crafting knives that gives the best performance in the most challenging conditions.

We are very proud that Piketen - A Special Operations unit of Swedish police - have Knv knives for test.

Our greatest thanks to all you testers! You know who you are and you are all highly valued.


99Cr18MoV steel

99Cr18MoV steel - A very pleasing combination of hardness and toughness

For Knv knives to achieve the desired performance several different steels have been tested. CrMoV steels proved to have many of the desired characteristics inherently, so the main challenge has been to find the CrMoV composition best suited for our specific requirements.

9Cr18MoV (officially called "90Cr18MoV" according to revised standards) showed very favourable results, however we where confident that even better results could be achieved.

For this reason we contacted one of the R&D intensive steelworks who is a front-runners in CrMoV steels. The outcome of our cooperation is the 99Cr18MoV steel.

The 99Cr18MoV steel is in many ways similar to 90Cr18MoV (9Cr18MoV) but with higher level of Carbon, which is also reflected in the 99Cr18MoV name.

90Cr18MoV (9Cr18MoV) being specified with carbon levels of 0,9 % (tolerances 0,85-0,95 %)

99Cr19MoV has carbon of 1,08% (tolerances 0,96-1,2 % )

Together with Vanadium the higher level of Carbon in 99Cr18MoV shows a very pleasing combination of hardness and toughness.

Some testers have described 99Cr18MoV as a 440C steel on steroids, a statement we will not dispute.




Current 99Cr18MoV formula (+/- tolerances):

C: 1.08
Cr: 16.90
Mo: 0.45
V: 0.11
Ni: 0.23
Mn: 0.50
Si: 0.60
S: 0.01
P: 0.03
Cu 0.08
Al: 0,03
Ti: 0,008

This formula can change as we see fit to make our knives even better, without warning or excuses!

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