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Search & Tactical flashlight L2

Search & Tactical flashlight L2

An uncompromising search flashlight that produces results. The flashlight you want for any search operation.

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Search & Tactical flashlight L2

Uncompromising tactical flashlight for searches where results matter

The flashlight you want for any tactical search operation.

Flashlight L2 has become the preferred choice among many of the hunters contracted by the Swedish police to track traffic wounded animals.

It is also widely used for wild boar hunting in regions where permitted.

*** The default light module provides a white light with superior contrast and excellent blood tracing ability. Also sold in white & green light combo pack, see separate. Complete IR packages available for government agencies according to λ requirements***

In test after test, the Search flashlight L2 has proven to be one of the most powerful, both in terms of intensity and width of light. Now updated with even more powerful CREE XM-L2 U2.

Beware this is not your cozy average camping light, this is the uncompromising searchlight you choose when results matter.

Optional: The Super Deluxe package with probably the strongest battery pack on the market: 6000 mAh. (Choose in the price box)

Search & Tactical flashlight L2 - some reasons why flashlight L2 has become so popular:

  • Flashlight L2 has a powerful light that is up to 21% wider than regular tactical flashlights. This radically increases the overview and ability to clean follow-up shots

  • Everything from the robust weapon mount to the intuitive operation of the lamp is thought out in every detail so that everything works when you need it. In addition, the light is optimized for superior contrast and blood tracing ability

  • Tactical flashlights are subjected to the harsh conditions, therefore, Search flashlight L2 is made of extra strong aircraft aluminum and has extra o-ring reinforcements, which increase the durability and waterproofness
  • Specially developed to withstand powerful calibers. Tested and used by military.

Search lamp L2 specification:

Lamp: CREE XM-L2 U2
Brightness: + 150 meters [500 feet]
Lumen: 600 REAL Lumens
Operating time: +1.5 hours / battery (total operating time +3 hours)
Battery: 1 pcs 18650. ADDITIONAL 1 PC INCLUDED AS BACKUP! Total 4800 mAh or super deluxe 6000 mAh. [Rechargeable]
Waterproof: IP-66 (O-ring sealed)
Size: 140mm x 32mm x 25mm [5.5x1.26 x1 inches]
Weight: about 120 grams [4.2 Oz]

Search & Tactical flashlight L2 Contents:

Flashlight L2, battery charger 230/110 V, dual sets of battery (2 pcs 18650), shotgun barrel mount , rifle barrel mount and tactical remote switch