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FYR Fire steel & holder


FYR Fire Steel - Powerful fire steel & holder

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FYR Fire Steel

A powerful fire steel with Kydex holder that let you start fire quickly in all weather

*** Fits all jaktkit Knv knives, and many other knives. ***

FYR Fire steel is a durable fire steel that provide powerful sparks. The special magnesium alloy provide both long life and powerful sparks.

Generous 100 mm length, about 10mm longer than normal, makes it easier to create sparks and make them land where you want.

The oversized 8 mm diameter provide good durability and long life.

FYR fire steel produce equally strong sparks when wet.

Fire steel Kydex holder

Fire steel holder in Kydex. The holder has a flexi-fit and fit all jaktkit knives.

The elastic cord attached to the fire steel lets you lock the fire steel securely into the Kydex holder.

FYR fire steel is delivered complete with holder in Kydex. Also include the screw for mounting.

FYR fire steel

About 6000 strikes
Sparks: 2990 ° C
Effective in high altitude
Reliable performance in all weather situations
Makes fires and lit gas / spirits / gasoline / kerosene cookers etc